2 Signs That You May Be Suffering From Sleep Apnea

If your significant other or even your children down the hallway have started complaining about you waking them up during the night with your loud snoring, it may almost become a family joke. However, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, which is no joke since it can have serious side effects, the least of which being that you temporarily stop breathing at night. Besides snoring, there are other signs that you may be suffering from sleep apnea for which you should be on the lookout. Read More 

3 Things To Do Following A Hysterectomy

If you have had, or are soon going to undergo a hysterectomy surgery, your life is about to change forever. Whether the hysterectomy was needed to relieve pain from awful menstrual cycles or due to another health problem, the results will end up pretty much the same for every woman. Below, you'll find some information to help any woman after a hysterectomy leaving only the ovaries. Go to the Healthcare Center with all Concerns Read More 

Risk Reduction And Early Detection Of Prostate Cancer

Men of all ages should seriously consider what they can do to reduce their risk of prostate cancer. In addition to reducing controllable risks, knowing the symptoms of the disease will make it easier to detect cancer in the early stages. Lifestyle Factors Fortunately, most of the lifestyle variables associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer are similar across most cancers. This means the changes you make can reduce your risk of various types of cancer and other illnesses. Read More 

4 Facts You Can Use To Sell Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is known by a few different names. You may have heard it called amygdalin or laetrile. It's one of several B vitamins that is vital for good health. If you own a health food store, you should consider stocking vitamin B17 on your shelves. Many people are becoming aware of this vitamin's wonderful health properties, but you can educate them as part of your sales pitch. Here are four facts you can use to persuade your customers to try vitamin B17. Read More 

Defining “Functional” in Medical Terms and How Your Rehab Team Determines You Are Ready

A functional restoration program is a medical approach or plan that restores your mobility to you after major physical illnesses, surgery, or trauma. A big part of that is your rehab program. This plan is designed by your entire functional restoration team, and it focuses on several meaningful exercises and approaches to helping you become fully functional again. However, functionality in medical terms is not the same for every person. How your medical team defines and determines your level of functionality may be very different from your understanding of the word/concept. Read More