Hip Pain In Women: What You Should Know About Possible Causes

When you are going about your daily life, sudden hip pain and discomfort can take a major toll on your plans and completely derail your life. However, in order to properly deal with that hip pain, you need to know the cause of that pain. There are numerous potential causes of hip pain in women. Get to know some of these possible causes so that you can work with an orthopedic doctor or another type of physician so that you can get the care and treatment that you need to get your hip pain under control and back to enjoying your daily life. Read More 

Got Spider Veins? Here’s What You Need To Know About Laser Surgery

Sometimes they show up because of stress with pregnancy or weight gain, and sometimes they just seem like they make a pesky appearance for no reason at all. Spider veins can pop up anywhere from your thighs to your ankles, and everywhere in between, making you feel pretty self conscious about showing off your legs. There are a ton of home remedies that claim to help with spider veins and their appearance, but most do little to change those creeping bluish-purple lines etching their way across your skin. Read More 

Living With Kienbock’s Disease: Treatment Options For You

When you have been diagnosed with Kienbock's disease, a disorder of the wrist that causes problems with your hand and wrist due to inadequate blood supply to the lunate bone in the wrist. This disorder can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort as well as problems with your hand function. However, there are treatment options available to you through a hand doctor or an orthopedic specialist. Get to know some of these available options so that you can start experiencing less pain and regaining control over your hand and health going forward. Read More 

Dealing With Urine Leakage All Day? Know Your Options

If you have had severe problems with bladder leakage and incontinence, and you can't seem to control your pee throughout the day, it's time to see an urologist. If you have tried wearing pads or underwear to catch the urine and you don't want to live your life wearing protection, help from a specialist or even a surgeon may be necessary. There are a lot of different ways you can try to treat the problem, and the urology expert may want to start with something as simple as therapy. Read More 

4 Things Your Poop Is Telling You about Your Health

In some cases, your body can tell you there is something wrong before you start feeling really sick. One thing that can tell you a lot about your health is your bowel movements. Below are four things that indicate your poop may be trying to tell you something. Constipation If you have been feeling constipated lately and this is something that is not normal for you, you should first look to see if you have made any changes to your diet. Read More