Being Overweight Sucks: Liposuction Surgery Can Help!

Liposuction is a common surgical treatment for excess body fat. The word itself explains that liposuction is the suction or sucking out of lipo, or, fat. While it may sound like a quick fix, liposuction is not a perfect solution for everyone. Liposuction should only be administered to those who have used excessive effort and energy to control their body weight through diet and exercise. Patients should have a body weight that remains generally constant instead of fluctuating frequently. Read More 

3 Easy Things You Can Do To Feel Better When You Have The Flu

Having the flu can be really tough on your body. Luckily, there are lots of easy things you can do to make yourself feel better when you have the flu. #1 Drink Lots of Liquids One of the most powerful things you can do when you are not feeling well is drink lots of liquids. The more liquids you get, the more hydrated you are going to be. When you are well-hydrated, the mucus that you cough up when you don't feel good goes from being really thick to really thin. Read More 

How to Establish Care with a New Doctor

Whether you have to switch doctors or you simply need to find a family doctor in your area, establishing care is an essential part of building a solid patient-physician relationship. There are some things you may want to do to help make your first visit to the doctor as productive as possible. Discuss the Reason for Your Appointment When setting up an appointment, you'll want to tell the receptionist the reason for the visit. Read More 

3 Medical Techniques That Help Your Body Help Itself

Do you tend to take a DIY approach to life's various challenges? From mending a shed to tuning the family car, many people like knowing that they posses the skills and resources to get the job done. As it turns out, your body takes the DIY approach as well. Human tissues have remarkable healing and regenerative powers to resolve their own injuries or ailments; sometimes all they need is a little extra help. Read More 

Do You Smoke Pot And Cigarettes? You Are Setting Yourself Up For Cataracts

Cataracts are a milky film that forms over the lens of the eye and which requires permanent replacement surgery to fix. There are many problems that contribute to the development of this disease, including smoking both marijuana and cigarettes. If you have these two habits, you need to quit as soon as possible to prevent cataract development. Marijuana May Cause Vision Problems While it is true that marijuana has many health benefits when smoked or eaten, it is also fair to say that it has some problems. Read More