2 Problems A Virtual EMR Scribe Can Solve For Your Medical Practice

When it comes to optimizing your medical practice, every little bit helps. This is especially true when you're looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. If you're not currently using a virtual EMR scribe, here are two problems they can help solve for you. Medical Errors Medical errors are a serious problem in the healthcare industry and can have devastating consequences for patients. A simple mistake like prescribing the wrong medication can lead to serious health complications for your patient. Read More 

Tetanus: What Causes It And Why You Should Visit An Urgent Care Clinic When You Cut Yourself Outdoors

If you've cut yourself outdoors, you may have been exposed to the bacteria that causes tetanus. It's a good idea to seek treatment at an urgent care clinic as soon as possible, since tetanus can be fatal. It can cause muscle weakness and paralysis, and it can cause you to become unable to breathe if it paralyzes the muscles in your chest. An urgent care clinic can disinfect your wound and clean it in order to reduce the chance that you'll develop tetanus. Read More 

Role Of Physical Therapy In Rehabilitation Care

Role of physical therapy in rehabilitation care: You may feel like your life will be over when you are injured, and it may feel like nobody can save you. Perhaps you cannot walk, find yourself confined to bed, or have zero energy. All these thoughts will make you suffer mentally, and you could dive deep into depression. If you find yourself in a situation like this, rehabilitation services are here to help you. Read More 

The 3 Main Types Of Skin Cancer And Their Treatment Options

Skin cancer is the abnormal growth of skin cells. Most skin cancers appear on sun-exposed skin, but cancers can occur on skin not exposed to sunlight. The cancer treatment used depends on the type of skin cancer and whether it has spread to other parts of the body. The best chance for a cure and increased survival rates is early detection and treatment. Read on to learn more about skin cancers and cancer treatment options. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions About RSV

It is not uncommon for your infant or toddler to get sick with any number of illnesses, from a common cold, to ear infections, to a stomach bug. However, there is one illness that can be more dangerous for infants and toddlers that parents should be aware of: RSV. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions you might have about RSV. What Exactly Is RSV? Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a common respiratory disease that can infect people of all ages, including infants and young children. Read More