What You Didn’t Know About Being a Hospital Registrar

When you are hired as registrar at a hospital, you don't know exactly what to expect. The job was explained to you as being clerical in nature with required skills such as data entry, collecting billing and insurance information, and keeping hospital demographic records. However, there is much more to working in a hospital than any job description will tell you. You may think you are just an office employee, but the expectations are much higher. Read More 

Maximize The Life Of Your Veneers With These Simple Tips

Have you recently had a new set of dental veneers placed over your teeth? If so, you are probably aware that porcelain veneers are not intended to last forever. What you may not know is that there are steps you can take to ensure you enjoy the maximum lifespan that your veneers have to offer. Never Flex Your Teeth When Wearing Veneers People often view their teeth as stationary objects that do not move on their own. Read More 

The Benefits Of Electronic Health Records

Medical facilities and hospitals of all types are required to document data about their patients. This includes past medical history, lists of current medications, and exam notes. While many facilities still operate by keeping paper health records, this can take a lot more work and can easily get disorganized. Investing in electronic health records offers many benefits. Take a look at the following information to learn more about these advantages.  Read More 

Should You Be Worried About A Nose Bleed After Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery can be deceptively hard on the body, with many patients able to walk out of the surgical office just minutes after their procedure. But while localized anesthetic is helpful for masking pain, it can also cause individuals to forget that they have just undergone an operation. Sometimes, however, your body may choose to remind you of its ordeal through surprise nose bleeds, which can be highly distressing if you are not prepared for them. Read More 

Why You Lose Your Teeth As You Age And How You Can Correct This Problem

Most people assume that losing your teeth in the latter years of your life is normal and just a regular part of aging. To an extent, it is, but you do not have to lose your teeth willingly. In fact, good dental hygiene can help you maintain the longevity of your adult teeth for years to come. To help explain why tooth loss, aging and acceptance are widespread concepts, here are the facts and how you can prevent and treat tooth loss. Read More