About Lower Back Pain & Intramuscular Stimulation To Treat It

Is there a great deal of pain in the lower area of your back after heavy lifting? It is possible that your back is hurting because there is a problem with your spinal nerves, but an orthopaedic specialist may be able to treat it with a procedure called intramuscular stimulation. Find out below about lower back pain that stems from spinal nerves, as well as how intramuscular stimulation can give you relief.

How Can a Problem with Spinal Nerves Lead to Lower Back Pain?

It is possible that something in your back was damaged when you lifted the heavy object. Improper lifting can damage the nerves attached to your spine, which can leave you in pain until you get treated. Your joints and muscles can also accumulate a lot of pressure when you fail to keep your spinal cord straight when bending and standing back up to lift a heavy object.

Keep in mind that lower back pain can also stem from another area of your body known as the hip flexor muscles. The hip flexor muscles can cause problems for your back because they are attached to the spinal nerves. Hip flexor muscle tightening is what can affect the spinal nerves, which can be treated with intramuscular stimulation to relieve your lower back pain.

What Happens When Intramuscular Stimulation is Performed?

An orthopaedic specialist (such as one from Orthopaedic Associates Of Osceola) can treat your hip flexor muscles by making them contract. Basically, he or she will examine the hip flexors and ask you if you feel any pain in them. Manually touching the muscles will also allow the specialist to find hardened areas that are tensed up. The hard muscles will be the focus of the intramuscular stimulation procedure, as relieving the tension will also improve the amount of pressure your spinal nerves is causing in the lower back.

The specialist will place thin needles in the hip flexors and move them back and forth until your muscles begin to contract. The contractions are supposed to happen because it is how tension will be relieved. You may feel a little pain during the process, but the specialist can give you pain medication. Your spinal nerves should relax and relieve your lower back pain after the tension is removed from the hip flexors.

You must keep your spine protected by keeping it aligned when you are lifting something heavy. However, your hip flexors can also pose a problem for your spine when they become tight. Make an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist to see if intramuscular stimulation can get rid of your back pain as soon as possible!