How A Compounding Pharmacy Can Help With Your Pet’s Medication

As a pet owner, you have probably already learned about the challenges of giving your pet medication. When it comes to taking care of your furry family members, you probably want to pursue every possible avenue to ensure that your pet gets the medicine they need when it is necessary. However, some animals can be more challenging than others when it comes to taking any kind of medicine. Here's a look at what you should know about working with a pet compounding pharmacy to make medicine easier for your pet to take.

Change Medicine Form

There are many different types of medicines that your pet may have to take, and they come in a variety of forms. Some medicines will be in liquid form, while others will be pills. Some animals struggle with one form of medicine far more than they do with other forms. For example, some dogs will spit out pills no matter what food their owner may try to hide them in.

When you work with a compounding pharmacy, they can change the form of most any medicine into one that your pet will more readily take. For example, if you've been prescribed a liquid medication for your pet, but you find that you can more easily hide pills in a treat, your compounding pharmacy may be able to put that liquid into gelcaps. Likewise, they may be able to turn a pill-form medication into a liquid to make it easier to give to a pill-resistant pet.

Alter Medicine Flavor

Sometimes, your pet is more resistant to certain medications because of a strong or offensive flavor. Medicine rarely tastes good, after all. That's where a pet compounding pharmacy can be most beneficial.

If you need to alter the flavor of a medication, a compounding pharmacy can modify it into a flavored product. Whether it's a mix-in flavor in liquid medication or turning a pill-form medication into a tuna-flavored chew for your cat, compounding pharmacies can work magic with many different medications to make them more palatable and make your pet more likely to take it.

Combine Multiple Medicines

For a pet that has been diagnosed with any kind of health condition that requires multiple medications, this can cause a lot of frustration and difficulty. Giving a pet multiple types of medication throughout the day can be stressful for you and your furry family member.

A compounding pharmacy can make that task far easier to complete. When there are multiple medications required, your compounding pharmacy can help you by combining all of those medications into one or two doses instead of several. This makes it far easier to give your pet those compounded pet medications without as much stress.

Adjust Concentration

When giving your pet any kind of medication, the less you have to give them, the better it is for you and your pet. That's where compounding pharmacies can be very useful. In addition to adding flavors and changing the form of medications, a compounding pharmacy can create concentrations of the medications that your pet needs.

When you get your pet's medication in a concentrated form, you can give him or her far less of the medication in each dose. Smaller dosing is often far easier to manage compared to traditional doses of medications. Working with concentrated medications may mean that your pet's medication dosing is more successful, which can help to improve recovery.

These are some of the many things that a pet compounding pharmacy can do to make it easier for you to give your pets their medication. With this information in mind, reach out to a compounding pharmacy near you today for more information and to see if your pet's medication can be compounded to make dosing easier.