Signs You Should Head to Urgent Care After Falling Off a Bike

Cycling is far from the most dangerous sport in the world, but it does have some risks. Eventually, every cyclist will come off their bike and land on the ground. Often, this only results in minor injuries like scrapes and bruises, but sometimes it does result in more serious injuries. If you experience any of the following symptoms or issues after falling off your bike, head to a local urgent care center to get checked out.

Dizziness, Headache, or Changes in Vision

There's a reason why bike helmets are required by law in many areas: people often hit their heads when they fall off a bike. A helmet offers good protection, but you can still develop a concussion in spite of wearing a helmet. If you feel dizzy, develop a headache, or find that your vision starts to blur after your crash, you may have a concussion. An urgent care center can conduct basic tests to determine whether you have a concussion and how severe it may be. Don't ignore a concussion; without the proper diagnosis and treatment, they can get worse or lead to ongoing symptoms.

Pain in Your Rib Cage

If you twist in the air before landing on the ground, or if you land on your side, you may find that you have some pain in your rib cage after your bike crash. There is a good chance this is just bruising, but it could also be a strained muscle or even a cracked rib. So it's smart to head to an urgent care center and have them take a look. A doctor should be able to tell what's causing the pain with just a physical exam and perhaps some x-rays.

Neck Pain or Stiffness

Whiplash is often thought of as a car accident injury, but it can happen after a bike crash, too. Your head may whip forward and then back as you land on the ground, and that may result in neck strain. It's important to get a sore neck looked at for a few reasons. You may have a herniated disc or another more serious injury that needs treatment, and if that's not the case, then you almost certainly have whiplash, in which case early treatment is key to prevent worsening stiffness.

If you experience any of the common ailments above after a bike crash, the urgent care center is a good place to go. For more serious ailments, like a suspected broken bone, head to the emergency room.