4 Facts You Can Use To Sell Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 is known by a few different names. You may have heard it called amygdalin or laetrile. It's one of several B vitamins that is vital for good health. If you own a health food store, you should consider stocking vitamin B17 on your shelves. Many people are becoming aware of this vitamin's wonderful health properties, but you can educate them as part of your sales pitch. Here are four facts you can use to persuade your customers to try vitamin B17.

1. It can soothe joint conditions.

Unfortunately, achy joints can become a routine part of life as people get older. When arthritis strikes, it can make simple activities, such as walking and running, painful. Vitamin B17 can reduce arthritis sufferers' dependence on pain medication. Many people find that this supplement lowers their pain levels. It can also reduce joint inflammation, which will lead to less pain over time. This vitamin can be an excellent complement to anti-arthritic drugs prescribed by your customers' doctors.

2. It can regulate your blood pressure.

High blood pressure can be dangerous. It puts patients at risk for many health complications, such as heart attack or stroke. If a person wants to control their blood pressure naturally, vitamin B17 is a good place to start. When taken regularly, it can lower elevated blood pressure. Natural supplements typically have fewer side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. Tell customers to ask their doctor about using B17 to regulate high blood pressure.

3. It can strengthen immune systems.

Most people can't afford to get sick. Getting sick means missing days at work, feeling terrible, and possibly passing illnesses on to family members. Vitamin B17 can help your customers stay healthier since it can strengthen the body's immune system. Taking a B17 supplement every day in conjunction with common sense practices, such as frequent hand washing, can prevent illness.

4. It is plant-based.

Many health-conscious people choose to avoid animal products. Some avoid it in the pursuit of a healthier diet, while others avoid it for ethical reasons. Your customers will be happy to know that vitamin B17 is sourced from plants. It's commonly extracted from the seeds of stone fruits, such as cherries, apricots, and plums, according to Healthline. That means vitamin B17 supplements are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

These are just a few reasons your customers can benefit from vitamin B17. When you're ready to stock it in your health food store, find a reputable supplier. A wholesaler will be able to supply you with vitamin B17 at a reasonable price, so you can pass the value on to your customers. For more information, contact a company like Primo Health Technologies today.