Being Overweight Sucks: Liposuction Surgery Can Help!

Liposuction is a common surgical treatment for excess body fat. The word itself explains that liposuction is the suction or sucking out of lipo, or, fat. While it may sound like a quick fix, liposuction is not a perfect solution for everyone. Liposuction should only be administered to those who have used excessive effort and energy to control their body weight through diet and exercise. Patients should have a body weight that remains generally constant instead of fluctuating frequently. The main reason for these suggestions is the fact that while fat will be removed from the body, nothing is done to prevent other fat cells from taking its place. Liposuction is not the same thing as bariatric surgery or an extreme diet option. For those who have worked diligently to remove fat through diet and exercise, there may still be a few places on the body where fat is being stored. These areas include but are not limited to the belly, upper arms, back, neck, thighs, and even chest. 

There are many different surgery options for liposuction. Each should be discussed with surgeons and physicians in order to know what is best for individual patients. These methods include but are not limited to the following:

Power-Assisted. The power-assisted liposuction method is used by surgeons when they are seeking a fast, efficient way to remove a large amount of fat. This method is basically when the instrument that is inserted under the skin has its own power source that allows it to move back and forth, assisting in the fat removal. This type of liposuction often has better post-operative results, with less swelling and pain.

Laser-Assisted. A laser-assisted liposuction surgery is one where an ultraviolet light laser is used to zap fat cells before they are sucked out by surgeons. This method is very effective for body sculpting since it has a very small incision site, and the laser can be guided very precisely. 

Ultrasound-Assisted. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is actually quite similar to its laser-assisted cousin. However, instead of using ultraviolet light to break down fat cells before they are removed, ultrasound uses extremely powerful sound waves to get the job done. These sound waves break down the actual cells of fat, allowing them to be suctioned out of the body in a very speedy manner.

Tumescent. Potentially the most basic and common type of liposuction, tumescent liposuction is when a watery solution containing salt water and a numbing agent such as lidocaine is injected under the skin. This solution has many uses including encouraging the blood vessels surrounding fat cells to constrict, limiting blood loss during the surgery. The fat cells also stiffen, providing physicians easy removal opportunities.