How Urgent Care Can Treat Your Child For An Ear Infection And Get Your Child To School On Time

An ear infection causes discomfort for a child and can be distressing for parents. This condition usually occurs in children with allergies, sore throats, and colds. It causes your throat and nose to swell, which blocks the draining tube for your middle ear. This results in fluid building up behind your eardrum. It can also spread germs to your middle ear. This results in your child experiencing pain and fever.

Unfortunately, an ear infection can occur at any time, which means having to go to the emergency room at night. Read on to find out how urgent care can treat your child for an ear infection and get your child to school on time.

Don't Wait Too Long

If you child start having symptoms at night and you go to the emergency room, then it could be hours before you see the doctor. You do not want your child to miss school. It is also not a good idea to send your child to school in discomfort. For these reasons, you could benefit from contacting your urgent care for children.

An urgent care facility is familiar with dealing with patients who do not have an appointment. The average wait is 20 minutes for 65 percent of patients.

Treat The Pain

Pain is a common symptom of ear infections. Otitis media is a common type of infection. It tends to build up in your middle ear and cause swelling. The middle ear is behind the eardrum and puts pressure on the eardrum when filled with infection. This results in pain from the irritation. Your doctor will start by treating your child for the pain.

A Pediatric urgent care center usually prescribes a prescription ear drop to help with the pain. They also will give you an over the counter pain reducer like acetaminophen.

Treat The Infection

You have to get rid of the infection to cure the ear infection. This infection is usually caused by bacteria or a virus. Bacterial infections are usually treated with antibiotics, which can kill the bacteria. It helps to explain your child's symptoms to the doctor at the urgent care center.

An ear infection can occur anytime during the calendar year. However, you tend to see them more during the winter months. If you do not treat the ear infection, then it can lead to a viral cold. Urgent care prevents parents from having to wait the next day to get their children treatment.