A Prepatory Plan To Maximize Liposuction Results

Liposuction is a brilliant surgical procedure for getting rid of stubborn fat from targeted areas on the body. No matter how hard you hit the gym or how many calories you cut, sagging fat in the arms, chest, belly, or rear end could simply refuse to go away. This fat ends up undermining the symmetry of your body. Rushing to have liposuction performed, however, might be ill-advised. Instead, investing some time to naturally eliminate fat prior to the procedure could ensure the surgery delivers the best results.

Facts About Liposuction

When the doctor consults with patients about undergoing liposuction, he or she will note that the surgery is not a form of weight loss. Rather, liposuction is intended to spot reduce weight from a chosen area. In general, the maximum amount of fat removed from a physique is 10 lbs and doctors will often remove much less to ensure the operation is less risky.

Doctors also look for proper candidates who are as close to their suggested weight as possible in order to ensure the surgery delivers the desired appearance. Ideal candidates are commonly described as people no more than 20 lbs overweight. While someone 20 lbs overweight is going to look better with 6 lbs of fat removed, imagine the results on a patient who dropped down to only being 8 lbs overweight before the surgery. The latter patient is going to look more muscularly defined after the procedure.

Undergo a Physical

Before trying to drop a lot of fat before the surgery, have a complete physical performed by a doctor. This way, you will get a proper reading of your health prior to taking part in a workout program. Once you have a better understanding of your current physical condition, planning an appropriate workout strategy becomes easier.

Work with a Trainer

To maximize your fat loss potential, consider it best to work with a personal trainer for several weeks prior to the surgery. The trainer could put you through a high/moderate/low impact workout that cuts down on as much stored fat as reasonably possible. Remember, the more excess fat you burn before the surgery, the more dramatic the results of the fat extraction procedure end up being.

Seriously Target Lagging Fat

After 90 or so days of a good diet and weight loss program, remaining areas of lagging fat become very obvious. Now, the doctor and patient are both able to make better decisions about targeting areas of stubborn fat. A complete, total, and, possibly, permanent change of the body's appearance can commence. To find out more, speak with someone like Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center.