Cosmetic Whitening: What’s So Funny About Teeth, Love, And Understanding?

If you want your teeth to last you a lifetime, treat them like cherished jewels. Protect them, keep them clean, and wear them proudly in the following ways:

Understand the difference between white teeth and healthy teeth.

Over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits are generally weaker versions of dentists' kits. They won't do a whole lot of harm but they may not do much good. To get fast, proven results, visit a cosmetic dentistry practice where the various options in high-grade whitening agents will be explained to you.

It's not a good idea to use professional-strength whiteners at home, as these can actually damage your teeth or gums if you have periodontal disease. Even if your teeth look temporarily brighter, using the wrong type or concentration of bleaching agent without dental supervision could damage your mouth and lead to tooth loss down the road. Veneers and bonds may also temporarily loosen after a whitening treatment, so see your dentist before bleaching your teeth to avoid the failure of previous dental work.

Healthy, attractive teeth begin on the inside. Follow a healthy diet, stay away from sugary sodas and fruit drinks, and have water or milk instead. If you want to whiten your teeth, get the okay from a cosmetic dentist first. Your dental professionals will examine your teeth and gums to find any underlying infection, misalignment, or cavity. Treating these issues assures you have the best foundation for a lifelong smile.

Accept that your teeth may not bleach well.

Some teeth will whiten easily with only a light peroxide treatment. Some teeth will never look perfectly pearly unless you invest in veneers or dental bonding. Accept your teeth as they are and don't keep forcing your teeth to undergo harsh, unpleasant whitening regimens with no results. There is another way.

If you have stubborn stains on your teeth, or dull bonded work, your cosmetic dentistry practice has innovative ways to give you a gorgeous smile without endlessly soaking your teeth in yucky trays. You can have veneers and other coatings placed on your teeth to give you a dazzling, natural-looking grin.

Remember that old veneers and dental bonding work will not turn out to be bleached the same color as your natural teeth. Previous composite repairs will simply not whiten after professional bleaching. That's why it's a good idea to have whitening treatment done before you have any cavities filled or any new veneers or bonds applied. By waiting until after you have your teeth lightened, your dentist can ensure your bonds match your brightest smile perfectly.

Be kind to your teeth by treating them well and taking them to see the experts. Your cosmetic dentist has new tools and techniques to give you the maximum smile with a minimum of discomfort.

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