Pros & Cons Of Investing In A Mobility Scooter For Your Elderly Loved One

Your elderly family member is struggling to get around because of mobility issues, and you really want to get them a mobility scooter to help. While this is most often a very kind gesture and there are few downfalls to consider at all, it is an investment that should be carefully considered. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of investing in a mobility scooter for your loved one. 

Pro: You won't have to be so concerned with your relative falling. 

Falling is a huge concern for family members of the elderly because falls can cause such drastic injuries for a senior. The primary time falls occur is when an elder adult is up and moving about when they have mobility challenges. If you do invest in a mobility scooter for them, you may not have to be so concerned with them falling down while they are trying to get around. 

Con: Insurance may not help cover the costs of a mobility scooter in every situation. 

If you are looking to get assistance with covering the costs of a mobility scooter, insurance may not always be a viable option. Not every type of insurance will help cover the costs unless your loved one has severe mobility limitations. For example, Medicare Part B may help cover the costs only if the physician has specifically stated the individual has a medical need for such equipment. 

Pro: Your loved one can enjoy activities they may normally miss out on. 

One of the biggest advantages of buying your loved one a mobility scooter is the fact that they will no longer be restricted to what activities they can do because they have problems getting around or keeping up with everyone else. For example, if your aging relative has always enjoyed walks with the grandchildren in the family, they can get on their scooter and enjoy that activity again without worries of not being able to keep up with them. 

Con: Some elderly individuals develop a strong reliance on their scooter. 

If your loved one can still get around on their own, and their doctor is wanting them to stay active, a mobility scooter should be something that is used only when absolutely necessary. While most people have no problem with making sure their loved one still gets exercise, it can take some gentle encouragement to make sure they do not completely rely on the scooter to get around at all times. 

If you're searching for a mobility scooter for your loved one and believe that they will benefit from the added assistance, contact a medical equipment supplier to find the right mobility product for their unique needs.