What Are Some Of The Different Personal Care Services That Are Offered To Elderly Clients?

A caretaker for the elderly can provide different personal care services to ensure that the individual is receiving high-quality care each day. When you put your trust in a caretaker to help an aging relative with assorted tasks, you can expect the professional to complete different types of tasks that will make your loved one's life more convenient.

Properly Cleaning Dentures

Many elderly clients have dentures and are unable to take the best care of their dentures because they are becoming forgetful and might even have trouble seeing what they are doing. Properly cleaning the dentures is just one of many personal care services that may be offered by the caretakers. When the elderly client is ready to remove the dentures at the end of the day, the caretaker can rinse them off while using a daily denture cleaning solution and then soak them in water overnight. Cleaning the dentures is just as important as cleaning natural teeth because bacteria can start building up on them over time.

Brushing the Hair to Keep It Knot-Free

Due to arthritis, joint pain, and other medical conditions, some elderly clients may have trouble brushing and combing their own hair. If it has become difficult for them to hold a brush or even move their arms in a certain position that would allow them to brush their hair, the caretaker can do the job for them, carefully brushing through the strands to keep the hair knot-free. When the hair is not brushed or combed for several days, it can become knotted and it may even eventually become matted and messy. The caretakers do not want this to happen to their clients and that is why they offer such a helpful personal care service.

Assisting With Bathing

Taking a traditional bath or shower may be out of the question for most elderly clients, especially if they have a lot of trouble with their mobility. A caretaker can conveniently assist with bathing, making sure to carefully wash the hair and body to remove sweat and dirt while keeping the client clean. Once the client is fully bathed, the caretaker can help him or her with getting dressed and applying different products to the body, including deodorant, lotion, and powder.

There is a long list of personal care services that are offered to the elderly clients by the professional caretakers, but these are some of the services you can expect your relative to receive when he or she has help from a professional caretaker. The person who becomes responsible for providing care to your relative can assist with cleaning dentures, brushing and combing through the hair, and assisting with bathing among many other important tasks.