How Hypnosis Can Help Teenage Athletes Quit Smoking

Many teenagers start smoking as a form of rebellion or as a way of feeling more adult. Unfortunately, this unhealthy habit can seriously affect the skills of teen athletes. In some cases, hypnosis may be necessary to help them quit.

Smoking Is Common In Teenagers

While smoking cigarettes may be on the decline in general among teenagers, it is still a serious problem. For example, it is estimated that nearly five million high school students currently smoke cigarettes. This high level of tobacco use has spread all the way into the middle school and can severely impact the health of a teenager.

For a teenage athlete, it can be an even more severe problem. It can cause a variety of concerns that make quitting a necessity if they want to stay successful. This is particularly true of teenagers who may want to play sports in college or even transition to a professional or semi-professional career.

This Habit Can Ruin Their Athletic Skills

Teenage athletes who smoke are doing their body and their health a grave disservice. Smoking will severely impact their stamina, decrease their mental focus, slow down their reaction time, and can even weaken their bones. While a teen smoker isn't likely to develop osteoporosis from smoking, they may develop a lifelong habit that causes this condition to develop.

Unfortunately, many teen athletes may be severely addicted to nicotine and have a hard time quitting smoking. Even those who are dedicated to giving up the habit can find themselves backsliding. When all else fails, hypnosis can be a powerful way to kick the habit for good.

How Hypnosis Can Help

Hypnosis is a medically-proven way of helping people quitting smoking. It works by impacting their unconscious mind and helping to implant positive messages that inspire them to quit smoking. For example, hypnosis can help them more fully understand the damage it is doing to their body and to get a grasp on why it is so crucial to quit.

For teenagers who are mentally and physically addicted to nicotine, this can be the extra help they need to finally put their cigarettes in the trash for good. Hypnosis is not a miracle cure that will instantly help a person to quit smoking. However, it can provide teen athletes with the extra help they need to get over smoking and become a happier and healthier person. So don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about this beneficial treatment if your teen reaches out to you for help.

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