Dealing With Urine Leakage All Day? Know Your Options

If you have had severe problems with bladder leakage and incontinence, and you can't seem to control your pee throughout the day, it's time to see an urologist. If you have tried wearing pads or underwear to catch the urine and you don't want to live your life wearing protection, help from a specialist or even a surgeon may be necessary.

There are a lot of different ways you can try to treat the problem, and the urology expert may want to start with something as simple as therapy. Here are a few of the options you may be looking at to deal with the problem.

Physical Therapy

The first step to trying to fix the problem should be physical therapy. Strengthening the pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises and other types of exercises is one of the less abrasive options for treatment. There are special pelvic exercises designed to help with this problem specifically, and working with a physical therapist is the best option. This can be enough to help you hold your pee in between bathroom breaks, and it can prevent you from having to get surgery.

Bladder Suspension

Having surgery to bring the bladder up into a different position can help with urine leakage and incontinence. Lifting the bladder can give it more room to expand, allowing it to hold more urine at one time. Talk with an urologist about the location of your bladder in the body, and to see if bladder suspension would be something that works for your particular problem.

Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery

If the problem you have goes beyond the bladder, and there are issues with the urethra, pelvic walls and other organs and components, you may need to have pelvic reconstruction surgery. Although this may be the most involved and have the longest recovery out of these options, fixing everything at once, and knowing the problem is resolved may be the best option for you.

The urologist will most likely order a series of tests and scans to see what the internal makeup of your body parts looks like, and to target the culprit of the problem. Don't waste any more time or money on wearing pads and always running to the bathroom, or avoiding social situations because of your bladder. Instead, head to an urologist, such as those at Western Branch Center for Women, and take action so you don't have to be worried you're going to leak or pee yourself.