Answers To Two Common Arthritis Questions

Arthritis can be among the more common orthopedic conditions that patients may develop over the course of their lives. Sadly, there are many people that have limited knowledge or experience with arthritis. If you are one of these individuals, you may benefit from having the following couple of arthritis questions answered.

How Can You Know If You Are Developing Arthritis?

Unfortunately, it can be fairly difficult for patients to recognize that they are developing arthritis until it reaches the advanced stages. This is due to the fact that the arthritis will develop gradually, and it can be easy to overlook the symptoms as routine body aches. Often, patients that are suffering from arthritis will experience stiffness, pain and swelling around their joints.

This occurs because the protective cartilage between the bones of the joint can wear down, which will allow the bones to directly rub against each other. As this condition progresses, the cartilage will degrade further, which will cause the symptoms to worsen. To help ensure that your arthritis is treated as quickly as possible, you should schedule a visit with your orthopedic doctor when you notice these symptoms developing.

What Are The Treatment Steps For Arthritis?

Depending on the severity of the arthritis, there are likely several treatment options that can be used for this condition. For example, it may be possible to provide patients with relief from these symptoms through the use of prescription medications. These medications will help to control the painful inflammation around the joints. In addition to reducing your symptoms, preventing this swelling can also help to slow the damage to the cartilage.

Sadly, those that are suffering from severe arthritis may need more intensive treatments. For example, these patients may need to undergo surgery to help reverse some of this damage. During this surgery, the orthopedic surgeon can transplant cartilage to help protect the affected joint. While this type of surgery may sound like an intensive procedure, it can be essential for reducing the painful symptoms of arthritis so that your quality of life is not adversely affected.

In addition to these treatments, patients that are suffering from arthritis may also benefit from regular light exercise. This exercise will help to loosen the joints, which can alleviate pain. However, it should be noted that arthritis patients should limit themselves to low-impact exercises. This will include things such as swimming and walking. Your orthopedic doctor will be able to provide you with a list of exercises that are suitable for your particular condition. To find out more, speak with someone like Milford Hospital.