3 Long Term Oral Health Tips For Those With Dentures

So you finally decided to get dentures. You probably have a little bit of newfound confidence because your mouth looks better and you chew your food with no problem now. You'll likely follow your dentist's advice and take good care of your dentures during the weeks immediately following the installation of the dentures, but keep in mind that this is something you need to do for the rest of your life. Here are three tips to help you with your oral care over the months and years ahead.

Always Clean Your Mouth

You're probably used to cleaning your dentures by removing them from your mouth and brushing them with a soft toothbrush. But remember that your mouth, even without any teeth, still needs some extra attention too. Brush your gums gently to remove any food particles that remain in your mouth and always rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash.

Get A Yearly Check Up to Battle Infections

Even if your dentures are holding up well, you should still head to a professional at least once a year to get your gums and the rest of your mouth looked at. As long as you keep your gums clean, you should be at a low risk of infection, but it's always good to have a dentist or prosthodontist take a look inside your mouth every once in a while just to be sure. If you do notice the beginning of a problem, don't try to fix the issue yourself, go to a dentist immediately.

Don't Just Add More Adhesive

As your dentures age, you may start to notice that they aren't fitting as well in your mouth as they did when you first got them. Some people try to fix this problem themselves by simply adding more adhesive. This is just a quick fix and the extra adhesive might even be an irritant to your gums if you are really piling it on. Always head to the dentist's office if you need to get a new set of dentures or fix a current set so that they fit better.

Getting dentures will allow you to feel more confident during photo ops and at the dinner table. But if you want your dentures to provide you with years of service, you need to take proper care of them and beyond the first few weeks. Schedule a regular appointment with your dentist to ensure that any potential problems can be spotted before it's too late.

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