“Healthy” Products That You Didn’t Know Could Cause Hormone Trouble

If you want to avoid gynecology issues, especially if you are dealing with menstrual issues or menopausal problems, you should stay away from products that cause hormone disruption. Even if you generally live a healthy lifestyle, you might ingest or come into close contact with items that have been known to cause hormonal issues because they appear to be healthy. Here are some products that can cause hormonal problems that you should avoid in the future.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender is a great oil to use if you want to relax. This essential oil us popular in baby products and in bath products. If lavender is synthetic, it can cause hormonal issues. Since most products do not state if the lavender is all natural or synthetic, it is best to avoid products with lavender altogether. Purchase organic or all natural products without any scent, and add in your own certified organic lavender essential oil later. 


Seafood is typically a part of a healthy diet of lean meat. Will fish and other sea fare are healthy, the major issue with seafood is the presence of mercury. Tuna, albacore, and halibut tend to hold higher levels of mercury than other seafood types, such as salmon and oysters. If you are undergoing hormone replacement therapy, you should ask your physician how often you can have portions of specific fish that you enjoy, to assure that you are not decreasing the effectiveness of your therapy.

Certain pesticides

Even when you are eating mostly fruits and vegetables, you can be putting yourself at risk by ingesting unknown pesticides. Pesticides are put on most crops, from fruits and vegetables. You may also use pesticides in your home in order to get rid of insects, especially during the cold seasons. In order to change your exposure to pesticides, select natural pest killers, like diatomaceous earth. You can also keep ants and other critters away from your home by using organic peppermint oil as a pesticide. Finally, use anti pesticide fruit and vegetable wash to remove pesticides that may be on the skin of the produce.


Cotton will make up a lot of products that you use day to day. From cotton balls, to cotton clothing, to bedding, linens, and more. Cotton is the dirtiest crop in the world because most farmers use plenty of pesticides during the growing process. Whenever possible, use organic cotton products to avoid exposure to excess chemicals. Reusable cotton rounds that you can wash will also help you to keep clean for an inexpensive price, without having to purchase organic cotton balls each month. Contact a doctor's office, such as Central Iowa OB/Gyn Specialists, PLC, for more information.