3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Physical Capacity Evaluation

A physical capacity evaluation is a test that determines what a person's body can do physically; the test is performed in a clinical setting such as a doctor's office or medical lab. Many people take this test to determine what their body can withstand. There are three main reasons why you should get a physical capacity evaluation.

1. You've Been Injured and Need Special Accommodations or Restrictions

Suppose that you perform a physical job that requires you to lift pallets that are fifty pounds each. If you get injured while on the job or trying to fix your roof, you might not be able to lift pallets that are of that same weight without further injuring yourself. In order to make sure that you stay safe and are able to keep your job, you will need to get a doctor's note explaining what you can and cannot do. A physical capacity evaluation will allow you to make sure that your doctor is able to be specific with regards to the amount of weight that you can lift, how much you can stretch, and any other physical activities. The doctor will then be able to write a letter to your employer explaining your limitations and any easy accommodations that can be made.

2. You Need to Know What to Train Next

Physical capacity evaluations are also great for athletes who are looking for reasons why they are not performing or improving as well as they would like. If an athlete is having a hard time getting his or her time for a mile run down below a certain metric, that person might benefit from a physical capacity evaluation. The doctor will be able to analyze whether or not the person is using his or her lungs to their full capacity or if one leg is weaker than the other, suggesting a training discrepancy. With this information, athletes are able to train more effectively and improve quickly.

3. You're Uncomfortable in Daily Life

Finally, physical capacity evaluations can figure out why you're having trouble with certain daily activities. This is especially helpful for older adults who want to figure out what parts of their body need to be used more in order to avoid losing their functionality. After a physical capacity evaluation, doctors will be able to provide exercises that will ensure that elderly patients continue to function as normal for as long as possible. 

For more information, talk to your doctor about scheduling a physical capacity evaluation today. Talk to experts like Northwest Return To Work, for more information.