2 Steps You May Want To Add To Your Business’s Hiring Process

It can be said that a business is only as good as its employees and for the most part, this is true. After all, if you cannot trust the employees to do a good job, stay safe, and help maintain a safe workplace for everyone else, you will be left dealing with employee drama rather than focusing on sales and customers. This is why employers must take the proper approach in the hiring process. If you are involved in your business's hiring system in any way, you may want to integrate two important steps to the process.

Drug Screening Tests  

If there is one process that must be part of hiring, it is proper drug screenings. This test can be handled by your local health clinic and can give you a comprehensive look at the drugs that a person may have come in contact with in recent days--or even weeks, in some cases. There are various types of drug screens available. The traditional urine analysis is the most common drug screen available, however, you can opt for more comprehensive screenings with blood, saliva, or even hair samples. These tests will give a more detailed look into the drugs that are present in the body.

As an employer, maintaining a drug-free workplace is extremely important. Those who use drugs or alcohol not only affect their family/social life, they affect their work life. They are less productive and less likely to show up for work. Therefore, it is imperative that drug screening results be taken with all seriousness and weigh heavily on hiring decisions.

Background Checks

In a perfect world, it would always be possible to take someone's word when it comes to criminal history. However, most people who have been charged with a crime will be ashamed to admit it and will try to keep it hidden. By performing a background check, you can get an honest glimpse into the life of the applicant. Background check services look for criminal information that has been registered with local, state, and federal agencies and can include employment history checks as well. The best predictor of future behavior is often past action and therefore, the background check can be a useful tool as an employer.

Thoroughly investigating and screening applicants who want to work with your company is an intelligent business decision. Employers who use these methods during the hiring process will often find that obtaining honorable and reliable employees is much easier to accomplish.